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Whether they enjoy a quiet life hacking or they compete at top level, soft tissue and joint mobilisation therapies benefit all horses irrespective of their age, breed, discipline or level of work.

In the arena of human athletic performance, soft tissue treatment is an accepted and integral part of a health and fitness programme. Even if their pace of life is quite leisurely, some level of athletic performance is required of all of our horses and we must remember that they also face the added challenge of carrying a person on their back! 

Over the years since I first qualified in equine sports massage, I have been reassured to see that the benefits of sports massage and musculoskeletal treatments as applied to horses have become widely accepted and their use is now commonplace.



Why use Soft Tissue & Joint Mobilisation Therapy

Firstly, let me explain why I use the more generic term of soft tissue and mobilisation therapy.  This is because the treatments I offer incorporate a wide range of skills sets and modalities rather than one therapy in isolation.  These include:

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue sports massage

  • Myofascial release

  • Muscle energy techniques

  • Trigger point therapy

  • The Masterson Method

  • Active and passive stretching


Equine soft tissue and joint mobilisation therapy is never a substitute for veterinary care but it can make a significant difference to the health and performance of a horse whilst also helping to encourage a more productive life.


Soft tissue and joint mobilisation therapies are very effective in helping to prevent injury, rehabilitate horses following injury and are also influential in helping to improve performance. I create tailored bespoke treatments for each horse utilising the techniques and modalities I am trained in to restore a horse’s freedom of movement by reducing the resistance to motion.

Find out more on the Prevent, Rehabiliate, Perform page.



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