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signs that your horse 

may benefit from treatment

If your horse is demonstrating any of the following he may benefit from a soft tissue and joint mobilisation treatment.

 Performance Issues

Muscular tension and joint restrictions can be the cause of a number of performance issues  

  • Short or uneven stride lengths

  • Intermittent lameness

  • Stumbling

  • Incorrect canter lead

  • Disunited in canter

  • Problems with lateral work

  • Hollowing of the back

  • “cold-backed”

  • Head carriage issues eg. Lack of poll flexion, head tilting, over high (or low) head carriage

  • Stiff on one rein or lack of bend

  • Head-shaking

  • Unwilling to work correctly on the bit

  • Difficulty with hillwork

  • Bucking, rearing, bolting, napping

  • Toe dragging

  • Not engaging hindquarters

  • Uncharacteristic refusal of fencing or knocking them down

  • Jumping flat or to one side

  • Difficulty with transitions

  • Rushing

  • Horse not working on 2 tracks

  • Inability to halt square

  • Difficulty in lengthening and/or shortening strides

Behavioural Issues


Remember that the only way our horses have of communicating any discomfort to us is through their behaviour:

  • Unhappy being tacked up, groomed or rugged up

  • Not standing still to mount

  • Kicking out

  • Biting

  • Sour to handle on the ground

  • Generally unhappy/depressed

Chronic Issues

Your horse will also benefit from treatment in the following circumstances:

  • Muscle atrophy (wastage) of certain muscles

  • Muscle hypertrophy (over-development) of certain muscles

  • Asymmetry to muscle development (uneven when one side is compared to the other)

  • Your horse has suffered a fall, injury or has been cast

  • Your horse has had an ill-fitting saddle

  • Your horse experiences delayed recovery post exertion

  • Conformational issues

  • Rider imbalance

  • Dental issues

  • Poor foot balance

  • Repetitive training

  • Introducing a new level of training

  • Your horse is recovering from injury or illness

Please be aware that Soft Tissue and Joint Mobilisation Therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care.  Veterinary consent is required before treatment is commenced and I will refer you to your veterinary surgeon for treatment if required.

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