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Benefits of Soft Tissue & Joint Mobilisation Therapy

Any horse will benefit from soft tissue and joint mobilisation therapy.  Some owners choose to have annual or bi-annual check-ups whilst others opt for more regular treatments – monthly or bi-monthly, whilst many competition horses or horses with chronic issues often have more regular treatments, weekly sessions or sessions that are strategically integrated into their training and competition schedules. 

I am an advocate of regular treatments for horses, with the firm belief that prevention is better than cure. To that end I offer a loyalty card to help make regular treatments more achievable – when 6 treatments are booked within a 12 month period (can be for multiple horses owned by the same person) the 7th treatment is offered completely free of charge. For more information about why I believe regular treatments are so important please see the Treatment and The Science Bit pages.


Muscles & Joints

  • Improve muscle and joint flexibility and suppleness

  • Improve muscle tone

  • Release muscle spasms

  • Reduce the risk of muscle/soft tissue injury

  • Improve atrophied muscles

  • Calm hypertrophic muscles

  • Warm muscles in preparation for work

  • Reduce stiffness

  • Help painful and arthritic joints

  • Increase and maintain optimal range of movement in joints

  • Maintain flexibility of joints

  • Helps prevent and repair adhesions

  • Supports soft tissues and maintains muscle tone during box rest or restricted exercise

  • Identification of problem areas

  • Manipulation of spinal joints helps horses with chronic back problems


  • Stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems (accelerate cell renewal and tissue repair)

  • Reduce recovery time

  • Removal of lactic acid

  • Calm the nervous system

  • Influence neural pathways and aid proprioception

  • Improve the condition of the skin


  •  Aids symmetry and straightness

  •  Improved range of movement and freedom of movement

  • Improved co-ordination and body awareness

  • Improved strength and ability to perform

  •  Improved technique – jumping and flatwork

Chronic Issues

Soft tissue and joint mobilisation therapy can help with a variety of chronic and long-term issues including

  • Chronic back problems

  • Equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome (Azoturia)

  • Laminitis

  • Arthritis

  • Intermittent lameness


It is a therapy that is commonly used as an integral part of a conservative management plan to manage a number of conditions.  Please contact me if you have any specific questions about your horse.

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